1. You feel guilty eating Milo chocolate powder instead of drinking it (siapa coba yg ga suka ngemil bubuk Milo?)
  2. Hoping to get a good spot just in front of the bus/ train door, hurrying to get a seat (apalagi kalo itu KRL dari Stasiun Sudimara, lawan berebutannya sama Ibu2 dan para Om haha)
  3. You’re touched by the slightest good intention from someone when you least expect it
  4. Having a small dinner on your birthday with your friends every year
  5. You think that your mother’s cooking beats everyone else’s moms’ (and how my mom thinks my grandmother’s cooking is the best..then i’d think my cooking is the worst *oh what will my future kids say now hmm)
  6. You see this bee working hard for some honey

    The Bee by cloudmils (Swansea)
  7. the TV plays all the good movies at the same time after some dreadful shows (that’s why you’ve missed the beginning of any film), then you go back and forth with the remote controller
  8. …(to be continued through out the year)