Tulip Beds: Floriade 2012

Spring has almost ended its course in this part of the world in NSW, Australia, whereas others are saying goodbye to their lovely summer, or as I’ve just come back from the tropics, goodbye rainy seasons!

As much as I despise the season of Spring since forever due to hay fever, being allergic means always sneezing in class to the point when my friends get tired of saying “God bless you”. Then if it’s combined with the flu, it becomes just a nightmare to go through a single day, but I still loved seeing beautiful flowers and gardens. Who doesn’t, anyway?

Floriade 2012 was held from 15th September – 14th October at the Commonwealth Park, Canberra. Dazzling garden beds, horticultural delights and engaging presentations have been inspired by this year’s theme, Style and Design. This year Floriade celebrated its 25th year with a range of attractions such as Gourmet Garden, Garden Beds, Kids Corner, Stage 88, Charities Marquee, Night Fest, etc.

* This was my first trip to Canberra, and really like the city.. it’s seemed like it popped from a featured city in the SimsCity Rush Hour 4, of  course very much more well designed and real. Plus the fact that I come from Tangerang/Jakarta adds to the “Waaaah.. Cooool” – you know what I mean..

The National Capital Exhibition nearby displays how the city was founded.


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