Younha is back with Awesomeness

Younha is definitely my bias and favorite Kpop singer since I was introduced to her songs by my classmate Deweq in 2008 or 2009. The first song I loved and my absolute must-sing-song at InulVizta is ‘Broke Up Today’ – beautiful sad song, well delivered by Younha.

Then I get to know more that not only she sings well, seems humble, she plays the piano and guitar freaking well, debuted in Japan first and got her Houki Boshi as a Bleach anime theme song, then her songs varies from pop ballad, pop rock, jazz, and R&B, and she’s got awesome live performances!

Even if she is mainstream with above-average-songs/quality, yes, she may be overshadowed by other ‘idols’/ girl-bands (apparently she was in legal combat with her former agency and pretty much affected her activities), but oh well don’t get me wrong, I still sometimes listen to some idols and they’re fantastic too (I seldom listen to western music anymore)..but Younha is still the best *biased* (music and performance wise, vocally unique, although if compared to IU, Hyorin, Indonesian I would say sebelas – dua belas lah)!

‘Run’ is sure to be a grand choice for the title song, it has a good feeling and vibe about running to the one you love who’s been waiting for you (sweeeet right? haha), and also the MV (Music Video) is impressive. *You may want to check Woodkid’s Run Boy Run and Woodkid – Iron music video after this, might have been where the idea came from ~ EPIC sound and MV’s lord-of-the-rings-ish!!!.*

This is her comeback (an urban term used in kpopland to describe a new album launch after some time) with a full album called ‘Supersonic’, 12 songs, including songs featuring Tiger JK, John Park, and Jay Park. Again, lots of varieties of feel, mostly pop-rock, and I don’t think that there’s any that sad a ballad song such as ‘Broke Up Today’, nor jazzy ‘La La La’, nor that much R&B feel like ‘Realize After Break Up’ featuring Kim Bum Soo. In this new album, I’d say that songs I enjoyed more are Run, 기다려줘 (Wait for Me)크림소스 파스타 (Cream Sauce Pasta), and 소나기 (Rain Shower). *full album is underlined in regards to idols always launching mini albums per twilight. And BTW, competition is fierce with new MV’s from Super Junior (which surprisingly I liked since ‘Sorry Sorry’), T-ara (why again the 15-minutes-long clip?? Zzz), and other freaking teasers.*

Some of my favorite songs from her previous albums would be: Broke Up TodayMust Be Easy, Waiting,  Realize After Break UpOne Shot (feat. 주석)Sound of Rain (빗소리),  Love Condition, and In Dreams (꿈속에서) Pokemon OST. (I don’t listen much to her Japanese releases much, I guess my ears are now used to Korean, but I’d say the Japanese versions are not awkward e.g Motto Futari De, Ima ga Daisuki *compared to other idols’)

Anyways, enjoy the music, check out the lyrics, and spread the love for Younha!

Other must see clips:



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