Bush-walking in Bobbin Head

I have to say the weather in Sydney can’t get any better than this. These past few weeks since the end of April we’ve had such sunny and warm days, that people are going on picnics and eating lunch in the park a lot more (compare this to the wet and raining the earlier summer ).

So, me and my mom were invited by our wonderful friends to spend the weekend in Swansea, where they have many pelicans wandering in Lake Macquairie, and also a picnic in Apple Tree Bay in Bobbin Head (part of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park). It’s about 2-hour ride north of Sydney. Bush-walking tracks are just there, you can do picnic, barbecue, fishing, kayaking, if you  have a boat sail with it, etc.

That’s what I love in Australia: great access to great outdoors. It’s sad to compare the condition that we have back in Jakarta, Indonesia, where enjoying the green and some fresh air really takes an effort to escape from the city. We need to prepare the budget, time, and convincing friends, and planning for one trip. It’s not that I’m complaining. I looove the great outdoors we have back in Tanah Air and the refreshment/fun memories/satisfaction we get after holiday, yet we take it for granted. It would be nice if real estate developers taking over Jakarta and its suburbs cities to provide accessible parks (with lots of trees, not just a pool and some grass) in strategic areas instead of building malls (not just some random green space in the entrence of a restricted protected housing complex).  There was this unused lot back in sektor 12 in Bintaro just about 50×50 m sq where some people would stop by and enjoy a siomay and es buah in the afternoon, and apparently they thought it wasn’t nice for people to spend some time there. So then it was closed and fenced. Is it the death of public green space already? Or there never was in the first place?

*seriously I should stop, just babbling 😛



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